Streamliner is a merchandisers program helping consumer packaged goods companies stay competitive by making sure that their products are correctly displayed on shelves and also efficiently promoted and always in stock. The program allows to delegate various tasks from managers to employees, in return they provide a report with attached images and video files. When a problem with task execution occurs, the merchandiser ca create a red flag - a priority task that will be solved in the shortest time by the manager.

The application is divided into two parts. Back office is a site for managers, where they can create and monitor tasks and track the employees using google maps. The second part is the android application where the tasks are created and their status is displayed. Tasks are of two types:

- personal, sent to a specific employee

- general, sent to the place (store).

To accomplish the task, the employee should be checked in the store. Tasks can be performed without connecting to the Internet but they will be synchronized as soon as internet connection appears.


To control task execution GPS logging is used. The manager can track the location of a device in any time, that prevents frauds


Managers create various questionnaires for employees. They consist of questions, videos and photos. Managers can monitor the execution and results of tasks from the site. Red flags When an employee has a question about the task, he can create a "red flag" – a major task. Such tasks are solved by managers in the shortest time.


In the application there is chat for instant messages